Theft in the chemistry building

Hello students at KfKb division, we are sorry to have to inform you that there has been several break-ins in lockers in the chemistry building during Friday night. It looks like the burglars have mainly focused on lockers on floor 5. We in the student division board feels for everyone that has been affected.

If you don’t find your belongings, contact the police immediately to make a theft report, attaching the link to their webpage here. (in Swedish)

Don’t forget to contact your insurance company so they can help you with compensation for your lost belongings.

With everything that has happened, we in the student division board wants to go out with a warning to all students to not leave valuables in your locker, as it can be a risk. Also remember to never leave bags or other valuables unattended in the chemistry building as thefts have been known to happen.

If you still want to use your locker it is recommended to switch from a code lock to a lock with higher security, but we want to remind you again to not leave valuables in your locker.

If you see a person you do not recognize or who seems suspicious it is always okay to ask what the person is doing in the chemistry building. If you do not want to ask the person yourself the Chalmers guard can be contacted at 031-772 44 99. Try not to let in people you don’t know have access to the chemistry building.

We hope that this doesn’t become a lasting problem but for now we ask you all to keep your eyes open, so we might prevent another similar situation again.

Best regards from the student division board

Theft in the chemistry building